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 Parity Computing, Inc. provides a complete suite of software and services for publishers, addressing all aspects of the Digital Library.
  • Innovative solutions that extend existing Digital Libraries with superior research tools and build new high-value content and applications.
  • A complete Digital Library platform with novel features that provides the best access and research tools for end-users.
  • Solutions and services for rapid and accurate migration of content to a Digital Library.

Our customers include some of the most respected electronic publishers in the world. Our best-of-breed products and services leverage Parity's years of experience serving the publishing industry. We have helped many organizations achieve superior Digital Libraries with minimal disruption, some starting from scratch and others improving upon existing solutions.

Key Solutions

Digital Research Library
Build the next-generation Digital Library providing superior research tools for end-users. A complete solution combining bottom-up text search, top-down subject browsing, DRM, personalization, profiles, and comprehensive hyperlinking.

Reference Processing and Linking
Robust, scalable, and highly accurate bibliographic reference processing - including extraction, tagging, linking, and related capabilities.

Author and Institution Profiles
Enrich a digital library with unique and normalized profiles of authors and institutions, and relationships between these profiles.

Ontology Development and Classification
Enable powerful content navigation and knowledge discovery, by organizing your content into domain specific ontologies.

Digital Library Data Services
Reduce the cost of migrating and transforming data into digital library ready content. Parity is an experienced service provider for metadata capture, scanning and OCR, data cleansing and conversion, and turnkey creation of complete digital library products.

Patent Content Integration
Integrate your research content with patent data, revealing new connections between research and IP to attract new users and types of usage.

CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Publishing
Complete digital libraries on cross platform CD-ROM/DVD- ROMs.

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