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 Parity enables government research organizations to structure their content by providing next generation digital library tools. Decision makers will make more informed funding decisions using high level content analysis tools. Librarians and researchers will save time and analyze a more complete view of the content. Parity will deliver these benefits by leveraging inferred relationships combined with detailed expert, institution and content meta-profiles.


Benefits for Decision Makers

  • Quickly make informed funding and strategy decisions.
  • Eliminate duplicated efforts with a complete view of the past and present work.
  • Find experts who can help solve immediate problems by searching social networks.
  • Stay on top of developments that affect strategy by being notified of new advancements.
Benefits for Researchers and Librarians
  • Shorten time-to-discovery.
  • Discovery of latent knowledge through inferred relationships.
  • Instantly trace citation links forward to the current state of the art/best practices.
  • Gain higher-level understanding by tracing branches of content back to seminal works.
  • Stay on top of developments in your field by being notified of new advancements.

Parity Advantage

Parity Computing goes beyond the current state of Digital Libraries by providing solutions to turn your organization's mountains of information into a richly navigable archive of knowledge.

  • Automatic Citation Linking: provides forward and backward jumps between the documents as well as deeper analysis of the progression of the content.
  • Automatic Author and Organization Profiling: provides actionable who's what information as well as enabling disambiguated expert/organization searches.
  • Multiple Ontologies: provide a recognizable structured view to the content.
  • Integration with Parity's knowledge sources: public and private information sources relating to science, technology, and patents enable more informed research and decision making.

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