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Author and Institution Profiles

 Increase revenue and reach by creating new profile-based content and novel applications

Publishers can significantly increase usage, reach, and customer retention by providing superior research tools based on comprehensive author and institution profiles. Adding linked profiles enables new navigation, search, personalization, and analysis capabilities.

Using Parity's Profiler Solution, publishers can assemble accurate and comprehensive author and institution profiles derived from their content. In addition, Parity Profiler Solution infers links and relationships between the profiles and other key entities such as publications and indexing terms.


Supporting better research tools

  • Supports key end user goal of accurate author and institution directed search for relevant content. Profiling overcomes the familiar search problems of name variations and ambiguity of common names.
  • Increases user productivity by supporting fluid navigation between profiles and publications.

Providing new value added content and knowledge

  • Accurate and comprehensive profiles give end-users a complete view of who's who, supporting products for expert finding and career tracking.
  • Supports crucial analysis such as institutional research impact, department-level comparisons, and citation analysis.

Providing new value added applications such as

  • Expertise Discovery: authority ranked lists of scientific experts that fit your precise expertise profile as well as your specific career and geographic criteria.
  • Network Visualization: construct and visualize the social network around people, publications and institutions.
  • Career Tracking: track the progress of authoritative authors in your domain.

Parity Advantage

  • Industry leading accuracy that far surpasses the results obtained by other commercial and research systems.
  • Horizontally scalable architecture that supports compute-intensive algorithms and very high throughput requirements, allows the same high accuracy to be obtained even as the size of the data set grows.
  • Inferring a knowledge network of the links and relationships between these profiles.
  • Advanced search, navigation and analytical capabilities on profiles and their relationships.

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