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 Parity's Ontology Editor and Classifier enables efficient and accurate construction and maintenance of domain-specific ontologies for digital libraries. Ontologies are organized as rich subject hierarchies containing categorized content, allowing new users to quickly get a basic understanding of the domain, and experienced users to explore new aspects of the domain. Though the value of ontologies is widely recognized, their construction has typically been difficult, requiring extensive work from domain experts and expensive manual work to categorize articles.

The ontology editor includes Parity's Recommendation Engine to interactively identify key articles, books, and people in each topic. These provide the foundation for high-accuracy automated classification, which can be further refined by working iteratively with the ontology editor to enhance each topic's definition.


  • Intuitive graphical user interface making it easy to develope and maintain ontologies.
  • Supports multiple overlapping hierarchies of topics.
  • Provides multiple labels for each topic indicating synonyms, alternate spellings, abbreviations, etc.
  • Supports multiple users collaborating on ontology creation and maintenance simultaneously on multiple platforms
  • Input and output is XML, allowing integration with third-party applications for the web, print publishing, and databases.
  • Assign key items to topics to refine it and assist in automatic classification.
  • Recommendation engine automatically identifies seminal articles, overviews, and experts using multiple lines of evidence.
  • Automatically classifies massive amounts of content based on key examples chosen by users.
  • Classification engine is optimized specifically for scientific and technical research articles, utilizing titles, abstract, full text, authors, references and citations to maximum advantage.

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Parity Ontology Editor and Classifier

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