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 Parity Computing's Digital Library Platform is a complete software technology for accessing research collections, including search for bottom-up keyword-based searching, ontologies for top-down browsing, and a polished user interface integrating the two forms of navigation. The multiple modes of access support the needs of both expert researchers and novices in the technical domain, optimizing their productivity with features oriented specifically towards large collections of technical content.

While the platform is a complete stand-alone solution, many of its features are also offered separately as plug-ins to third-party platforms.


  • High-accuracy Search, finely tuned for research and technical articles, ranks results by relevance and importance. Parity's search engine exploits the particular structure of technical research articles, using title, abstract, keywords, full text, and references to achieve a 50% reduction in irrelevant results.
  • Hierarchical Ontology organizes content into familiar domain-specific topics and subtopics, providing
  • A gateway to the domain for novice users, and a familiar conceptual organization for experienced researchers.
  • Comprehensive Hyperlinking between articles, authors, subjects, patents, and other entities. The links are built automatically with Parity's high-accuracy Content CrossLink system, incorporating advanced content analysis, matching techniques, and detailed linking rules.
  • New types of content can be accommodated through the use of Content Modules, allowing the scope of the library to be expanded while maintaining the same unified interface. Content modules can include standards, people, patents, companies, organizations, related products, and other entities for which information is available.
  • Personalization features allowing users to save and track topics and authors of interest, with notification of relevant new content.
  • DRM system to control access to content, allowing different levels of access for different users, subscriptions, purchases, and promotions.
  • Advertisement Editor to allow banner ads or announcements to be created and associated with ontology nodes or keywords. Banners are displayed in response to relevant user searches or ontology browsing.
  • Workflow integration automatically updates the digital library as new content is published.
  • Highlighting of "special articles" such as award-winning articles, works by specified authors, etc. Articles are highlighted wherever they occur: search results, citation lists, author profiles, wherever they occur, such as search results, citation lists, and
    author profiles..

Please contact us for a product brochure with a complete feature list and technical specifications.

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Parity Digital Library Platform

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